Over 60s Group

The Over Sixties Group was started to cater for parishioners who wanted a daytime club especially for them. We have successfully carried on from there keeping our numbers on a steady level and our door ever open to new members. The main body of our group is taken from the parishioners of St. Mary’s and St Alban’s but we also have some members from other parishes and we are always happy to welcome newcomers we mainly seem to attract ladies but this is an open club and men are very welcome.

Our activities range from bingo to days out and lots of other things in between. We mainly concentrate on having fun in a friendly and happy atmosphere. The highlight of our regular meeting is afternoon tea.

All this takes place at St. Alban’s Parish Hall every other Wednesday starting at 2:00pm. Details of our meeting time etc. can always be found in the Church Bulletin.

If in doubt contact Lynda Merryfield on 07889223397.